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With over a decade of experience in building enterprise-level iOS solutions across iPhones, iPad, Apple Watch & Apple TV, we are one of the leading iOS Development Companies. Our development team is led by iOS Developers who had worked on the initial apps when the app store launched. Our best works have been downloaded close to a million times and counting, and have featured in tech blogs


Offshore mobility development company specializing in iOS Development


Experienced team with sound knowledge of all things Apple


Consultation, Proof of Concept, Secure and Enterprise level applications


Hundreds of applications deployed over diverse verticals

iOS Application
Development Services

Custom iPhone/iOS app Development
iOS App development is known for secure, functionally loaded and fluid designs. We have experience building, deploying iOS apps since its origin. We provide end to end iOS App development. Our iOS developers keep up to date with the latest framework and guidelines about iOS so that we can build the best App for you. Our designers have won awards for iOS App Designs. This makes one of the top iOS development company
Native iPhone/iOS App Development
Modern iPhones, iPads are as powerful as your desktop. With multitasking & parallel processing possible in modern iOS devices, there is very little iOS can’t do. Unleash the full power of modern Apple hardware for your business with our iOS & iPadOS development services.Design is at the heart of all things Apple. A beautifully crafted UI will keep your users engaged with your product and build your brand. Our award-winning team of designers are pixel-perfect perfectionist when it comes to designing for iOS
Creative Touch
Our award winning designs and top of the app stores applications are a testimony to our ingrained innovation in the entire engineering and development process. We do not add innovation as an afterthought. For us, every problem is an opportunity to solve it in a unique way
Hybrid iPhone/iOS Development
If you are looking for a cross platform/hybrid app experience, we provide custom iOS solutions for the same. Whether it's Xamrin, React Native, Cordova we build solutions which give your customers a consistent brand experience across the device of their choice. With a single code base running your app, it becomes easier to maintain and deploy new changes across many different platforms.
iPhone App UI/UX Designing
We are an award winning team of iOS Designers. Our Apps have won multiple awards for designs.We follow Apple certified guidelines for designs to a fault. All the while keeping the user at the front and center of the entire app experience. We provide quick POCs for evaluation based on Design Thinking and Information Architecture.

How We Make
iOS App Differently?

Designed for Users
We design iOS Apps based on Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. Our award winning designs are a testimony for the same. Our designers leverage latest design principles to give your users the best experience of your brand
Scalability & Performance
Mobile applications need to be optimized for performance and ease of use considering the relatively less powerful hardware. We incorporate scalability and performance optimization at all stage of the development process
Test-Driven Development
With Test driven development, test cases are written first and code is written around that. This gives unmatched code quality which in turn drives a stable, bug free application even with new functionalities added
Optimized App Size
By removing unused asset, adopting asset catalogs, tagging each asset, enabling bitcode, setting the compression for each asset type and a host of such optimization techniques, we ensure you ar app is blazing fast to load and install
Security is integrated into our iOS development process right from day one. We follow all the recommended development standards and practices suggested by Apple and Industry leading bodies to ensure your data is always secure and yet the App is scalable

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Asked Questions
What is the biggest benefit of working with CodeCraft?
CodeCraft is a niche IT Services company specialising in mobility and web with a human centric design approach. Our flexible models of engagement, iterative model of development and 100% commitment to quality makes us the perfect partner for your next big idea. We have experience working with Fortune 500 giants and local startup, each time delivering tailor made solution for happy customers
How will CodeCraft work with my team to help my business?
CodeCraft is not just an engineering company engaged in Mobile app development, but also your digital partner. We value the effort you put in your business and know that you don't compromise — values that are in the fabric of our company. Hence our best-in-class Mobility services are always in sync with your targets. Every project is executed using the Agile methodology and follows the complete cycle of Analysis - Ideate/Design - Development - Test - Deployment - Repeat. We prefer communicating with a single point of contact both ways to reduce bottlenecks in communication and delays
What skills does CodeCraft offer?
CodeCraft is led by a founding team that has a combined experience of over two decades in digital transformation via Mobile app development. Our mobile app design team has won multiple awards at the national level for building pixel perfect UI and crafting incredible UX. The engineering team, mobile app developers, quality department are some of the best minds in the industry selected after a tough evaluation process. This gives us an edge over other service providers and positions us the leading mobile app development company. Some of the technology we specialise in are iOS, Android, Web App, Progressive Web Apps, Hybrid Apps, Cloud Solutions, MEAN, MERN, TICK stack etc
What factors should be considered for offshore software development services?
The first priority should be what service does your business need. Are you looking for a mobile presence, web application, ensuring highest quality The next step is determining the right technology partner. There are many different metrics for this like portfolio, sales turnover, overseas presence, domain specialisation etc Finally check for compatibility viz a viz the tech goals and vendor. Is there a connect with the vendor beyond a mere business transaction
What custom software development service does CodeCraft provide?
At CodeCraft we specialise in Mobile app development (iOS, Android), web development with Cloud backed solutions UI/UX design services QA testing services
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