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Quality is a state of being free from defects, working as expected and conforming to expectations. Quality is measured in terms of output, user experience, speed of execution and reliability. Quality checks and tests are manual or automated. As a leading offshore quality and testing service company, we provide end to end quality service across all stages of your product life cycle. Quality assurance testing ensures your products and services are of the highest quality.




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How does CodeCraft provide quality and testing service?
CodeCraft is a digital transformation company providing digital solutions using technology. As a Quality assurance and testing company providing software testing services, our commitment to quality has made us the most preferred quality assurance & testing Company for US customers. We include quality and testing services at every stage of development. Right from discussing your initial idea to completion of your project, we apply modern, scientific checks and methods to measure the quality. Whatever your business domain, we ensure that the right quality checks are applied. We provide testing services across a wide range of devices and platforms. This ensures that the final product which hits the market exceeds your customer’s expectation. Hence we are the preferred partners for QA and testing services for US enterprises
How can CodeCraft ensure my product is of quality?
With a mix of automation and manual testing, we ensure that no aspect of the product is untested. Different applications have different testing requirements.API testing, backend testing, mobile testing, user experience testing. We have different quality checks and measures for different applications. Our quality assurance engineers test an app from the persona of your actual end-user to test your product objectively. We use the latest tools and approved frameworks to ensure the best checks are applied to your product. All of these has enabled us to become a leading quality assurance & testing Company for US based companies. All these makes us the leading provider of QA services for US customers
How long does a quality and test cycle last?
As a top quality assurance software testing company, Our quality and testing services cover every aspect of your product. Be it development, documentation, prototyping we have structured testing mechanisms in place for everything. Our services span end to end of the whole development life cycle and are based on Agile methodologies. Deliverables or finished products are given to the client only after the entire quality cycle is completed. This commitment to quality has made us a preferred quality assurance solutions partner for US enterprises
What tools does CodeCraft use for testing?
As a well known quality assurance & testing Company for US customers, we use the latest, most effective and authorized tools for all of our Quality services. This includes, but not limited to, Selenium, Appium, TestProject, Katalon, Jenkins (CI/ CD), Zap Proxy (Security), Charles, Postman, SOAPUI, Xcode, Android Studio, IntellijIDE, SourceTree, Jira, Openproject, Github, Bitbucket, Gogs. We also provide Quality assurance by manual testing
What kind of applications and services does CodeCraft provide testing services for?
As a Quality assurance and testing company, we provide automation testing services, mobile app testing services, web application testing services, quality assurance services, API testing services, and backend testing services. Our specialities are mobile app testing service and web app testing services for US businesses
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