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Get started with infrastructure within minutes without worrying about complex configurations like scaling and backup

Free yourself from licensing costs and worries with on demand, web based software. Pay as you use with our offshore cloud based SaaS

Manage your remote datacenter infrastructure such as virtualization, database, storage, hard drives, message and notification middleware with our custom Infrastructure as a service solution

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We provide scalable cloud strategies for your organisation. Whether you are a startup or a large public limited company, our team of cloud service developers can create the right cloud solutions and services for you so that you can focus on your business development while we handle your infrastructure over the cloud.This makes us the most preferred Cloud solution development company for US

  • strategy


    Consultation on what suits your business
    Transformation & Roadmap
    Selecting a service provider
  • application-development

    Application Development

    Custom Application Development
    Special attention to Security
    Fast Performance
  • compliance-security

    Compliance & Security

    Detailed risk and security management
    Compliant with local standards and regulations
    International standards of security
  • migration


    Evaluation and Assessment
    Strategy on Cloud infrastructure
    New cloud based infrastructure design

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Asked Questions
How will Cloud service help my business?
Instead of investing in costly IT infrastructure like database, servers, networks, etc which has to be maintained, updated frequently, cloud solutions give you the power of “on-demand” infrastructure. During peak business hours your system can automatically handle the high demand. Backups can be easily automated. You can easily update, upgrade or migrate your existing setup without any hassles. By outsourcing your Infrastructure requirements you can focus on your business growth and benefit from reduced costs and time to market. Our expertise and experience on Cloud services makes us a top Cloud solution development company for US customers
What is CodeCraft’s experience on Cloud?
As a digital transformation specialist, and a leading Cloud solution development company for US businesses, our expertise with Cloud solutions is deep, diverse and rich. We have experience working on a wide variety of domains for a diverse clientele with different requirements.Scaling infrastructure, servers, virtualization, database, backup, configuration, administration, provisioning, analytics are some of the services we have worked with on Cloud. Our own internal infrastructure setup is completely cloud-based
What kind of Cloud service does CodeCraft offer?
We provide services on the industry leading providers suite of Cloud solutions like AWS, Google and Microsoft. As a consultant or an engineer, whether you are looking for a simple mobile prototype or large scale eCommerce application, we have the right expertise to guide you on which Cloud offering would best serve your needs. We have experience working with Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) service, Amazon S3 service, Amazon CloudFront service, AppEngine service, CloudCompute service, CloudFunction. All of these makes us the best Cloud solution development company for US customers
Why CodeCraft?
The ability to enable transformation using technology is what drives us. In this digital age, Cloud services are the best tool for a business to grow itself, to expand itself. Which is why we practise what we preach and use Cloud solutions for all our internal setup. So that we can focus on what's best for you. It is this single-minded drive with uncompromising standards of quality that separates us from the rest
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