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With Design thinking at heart and Agile methodologies as a practice, CodeCraft follows an “ideate design-prototype-build-test” method of development. This unique approach makes us a preferred web app development company for US customers. Beginning with Conceptualization, we prototype your ideas, vision into a concrete requirement. Our projects are helmed by a domain specialist project manager who serves as a contact person. The engineering process comprises small, focussed two-week sprint cycles with rigorous quality and feedback integrated. Every sprint ends with an addition to the product which is reviewed and tested by the client

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We follow design thinking and agile methodologies at an organisational level


Domain specialist, a project manager for business contact


Constant interaction with stakeholders, feedback-driven

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Why should I choose CodeCraft for my Web App Development?
We are a web app development company with decades of experience in the offshore web app development field. As a top offshore web app development company for the US, We build solutions to transform business problems into opportunities by blending human-centric design and cutting edge engineering with modern tools. Our Web app development team comes with decades of experience in different business domains. We are an ISO certified organization following Agile methods of development. With flexible models of pricing and timelines, we have something for every business need. We are also an award-winning Custom web application development company for the US
How does CodeCraft engage with customers?
As leading Web application developers for the US, We take pride in considering ourselves as digital partners in your success story. We align our project goals and targets with our customer’s vision and mission. Every project is helmed by a senior project manager thereby creating a single channel of communication for our customers. Since we are an ISO certified organization, we maintain, retain and share project planning documents, project reports, meeting minutes, risk analysis and other important project related documents for customer reference. All these make us the preferred Web Application development company for US customers
What development process does CodeCraft follow?
CodeCraft is a leading Web App development service provider for US customers. We follow a Human-centric design and engineering process as at the end of the day, the user or customer is at the center of everything we do. A project gets initiated by meeting all stakeholders. The requirements are defined and documented through interactions with the customers. We assign a dedicated project manager who breaks these requirements into smaller design and engineering tasks. Over small development cycles of two weeks, these requirements are completed with rigorous quality checks. The final product is built in this iterative fashion with constant feedback and demonstrations to the customer
What tools and framework does CodeCraft use?
Our Web App Development team comprises of talented engineers, creative designers & meticulous quality personnel. Every project we have executed and will be executing is built with the latest and most stable version of the technology. Based on your requirements, our web app developers in the USA and our technical architects determine which technology stack would suit your domain. Some of the tools and technology we use are JavaScript, Angular, React, Node, ASP, C#, PHP, HTML & CSS
How is CodeCraft different from other companies?
CodeCraft positions itself as the digital partner for our customers. A project for us is not just a task to be completed, but a trust placed on us by our customers. We bring this emotion to every project we do. The biggest gain for us is when we help our customers succeed in their enterprise. Digital transformation is not a buzzword, but a way of life at CodeCraft. This makes us a leading, secure web application development company for the US
What pricing model does CodeCraft follow?
Our pricing models are compatible with your Mobility roadmap. Whether you have a long term goal or you want to enhance an existing work or simply prototype to take a decision, choose from our flexible pricing model. We offer a Retainer model which is preset with price and duration. Be flexible with our Hourly models for evolving projects or choose a fixed cost model
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