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FajrUp is a social platform that connects millions of people across the world while transcending cultures, time-zones, geography and language. FajrUp is an Islamic solution that revolves around an Ummah that is globally connected through a spiritual endeavor


Morning prayers or Fajr Namaz are the difficult/toughest prayers to offer. People struggle to wake up early in the morning. Since Fajr Namaz is the first prayer, people often miss the morning prayer most of the time. Another requirement was finding out the correct time & right direction for prayers when a person is traveling


We built a mobile app on popular platforms like Android, iOS known as FajrUp. This enables Muslims to wake members of their Ummah for their Fajr prayers via a 15 second VoIP call. The app serves as a social alarm, a medium attempting to connect the whole community. The App also has a digital Qibla(direction to pray) which can point you to Mecca no matter where the user is standing

  • digital-quran

    Digital Quran

  • nearest-mosque-locator

    Nearest Mosque Locator

  • prayer-time-based-on

    Prayer Time Based on Location

  • call-for-prayer

    Call for Prayer

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