Decoding Hope With CodeCraft: Supporting The Education System In Rural India

DEC 21 2022



The Problem:

India has been an educationally fast growing country in the world, compared to many. This is a clear indication of how far we have come in terms of educating our youth since our independence. The second factor that indicates this upward trend is the issue of access to education; it is not just about numbers but also giving equal opportunities to all sections of society.

Yes, India's growth story is inspirational and commendable, but let's not forget that there are millions of lives at stake here; millions who are trying to find their own ways amongst the chaos of development and completion. Education is necessary in order to build a progressive nation. Only when we work towards building an educated nation, can we hope to break out of the vicious cycle and elevate the living standards of those who are underprivileged and cannot afford to go to school.

How does CodeCraft Plan On Bridging The Education Gap In India?

After assessing the roadblocks affecting the education system in the country, the question arises: 

What does the future hold for India?

Even though it is true that some promising steps have been taken in the field of education and human development, the current statistics indicate how much has yet to be done. This is especially so for the rural area where educational opportunities are concerned. Many children are unable to study due to lack of facilities and proper tools and equipment, resulting in a lack of practical knowledge about subjects like Math and Science.

To help them learn different ways and interests towards science, we came up with an idea to provide a DIY Kit Science Laboratory at GHPS, a primary school in Tiruvail. Working with Inchara, we created a science lab kit which all students can use to experiment while they learn their theoretical lessons.


After the implementation, we found that students and teachers are excited to have such a science lab in the vicinity. It lab could be used as a resource to encourage the curiosity of students in exploring and understanding fundamental scientific concepts. The want for experimentation is increasing day by day and through this initiative, our collaboration with the Inchara foundation has started a chain of experiments to educate the rural children in the area about science.