CodeCraft For Rural Schools: Building A Better Tomorrow

DEC 21 2022



The Problem:

Schools in the rural areas of India are often underfunded and under-resourced. It's not just a problem for children; it also affects their parents and teachers, who have to make tough decisions about what they can afford to do. Rural schools in India lack basic infrastructure such as toilets and water tanks causing hindrances in availability of basic amenities like sanitation and clean drinking water.

How Did CodeCraft Support The Facilitation Of Amenities For Rural Educational Systems?

We believe the education system has a major role in improving the society's future.

The Model School Safe Initiative is a cooperative initiative by Inchara that seeks to address the challenges of safe learning environments and make access to education more inclusive by focusing on strengthening rural schools and education centers. We have worked with Inchara on this project in their endeavors to accomplish this goal. These combined efforts have contributed to the upliftment of rural schools, creating more opportunities for access to education. 

Our efforts with the noble folks who handle the Inchara foundation translated into the results which had a measurable impact on the students we’ve hoped to help in Rural Karnataka. Here’s what was done: 

  1. We are proud to have contributed toward the renovation of the high school building along with its painting at the government-run boy's school in Angaragundi, Baikampady having a direct impact on 250+ students. 
  2. As a part of our efforts to provide a more hygienic environment to the school children in this area, we also raised funds to support the sanitation needs at the Government High Public School in Angagaragundi. 
  3. We helped to provide safe drinking water to the children in 5 rural schools who are more vulnerable to the risks of water contamination due to the lack of proper resources. We worked with Inchara to provide  drinking water facilities to over 800+ government secondary school students in these rural areas which were identified as Madhya, Angaragundi, Savanoor, Thenka Yekkar and Katipalla. 


The commingling of people with diverse backgrounds and needs at public schools is a social benefit because it allows for the development of shared values, common knowledge, and camaraderie that can make communities more cohesive and unified. We believe our corporate social efforts to elevate these provision of amenities will encourage more to take advantage of these systems to build the hope of a better tomorrow. We hope we can continue to work with schools and other institutions to help them reach the highest standard of excellence they can achieve.